Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: murtina

  murtina—by such a feature.    SB 3.10.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: murtina

  amrta-murtina—moonlike    SB 4.16.9
  avyakta-murtina—unmanifested form    Bg 9.4
  brahmana-murtina—having the body of a brahmana.    Madhya 6.182
  isvara-murtina—the manifestation of the Lord    SB 3.32.12-15
  isvara-murtina—whose form is the ability to transform or control the bodily activities.    SB 7.7.18
  kroda-murtina—in the form of the boar, Varaha    SB 7.2.1
  tvastra-murtina—in the form of the son of Tvasta    SB 6.9.18
  yajna-murtina—the form of sacrifices    SB 3.14.2
  rsi-murtina—with the form of a sage    SB 4.1.56