Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: murteh

  murteh—the personification    SB 4.9.17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: murteh

  ananta-murteh—in the form of Anantadeva    SB 5.25.2
  bhagavatah catuh-murteh—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is expanded in four    SB 5.17.16
  sri-murteh—of the Deity form of the Lord    Madhya 22.130
  grhita-murteh—who presents different forms    SB 3.28.29
  visva-murteh—of the universal form    SB 2.1.27
  visva-murteh—of the Universal Person    SB 3.4.27
  visva-murteh—of the form of the gigantic Lord    SB 8.20.23