Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: murdhna

  mūrdhnā—with his head    SB 3.21.12, SB 6.17.37, SB 8.22.15, SB 9.18.26
  mūrdhnā—with the head    SB 4.7.23, SB 8.22.14
  mūrdhnā—his head    SB 1.19.31
  mūrdhnā—from the chest to the head    SB 2.5.42
  mūrdhnā—by the head    SB 4.31.28
  mūrdhnā—by his head    SB 6.17.16
  mūrdhnā—on the head    SB 8.18.28

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing murdhna.