Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: murdhani

  mürdhani—on the head    SB 4.8.25, SB 5.16.28, SB 10.13.33
  mürdhani—on the top    SB 5.16.7, SB 5.21.13, SB 8.5.17-18
  mürdhani—on the head (Dhruvaloka)    SB 5.17.1
  mürdhani—on a hood or head    SB 5.25.12
  mürdhani—on the top of the head    SB 6.8.8-10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: murdhani

  avaghräya mürdhani—smelling his head    SB 7.5.21
  saìgräma-mürdhani—in the midst of battle    SB 1.15.30