Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: muneh

  muneḥ—of the sage    Bg 6.3, SB 1.19.4, SB 3.4.10, SB 3.21.37
  muneḥ—of the great sage    SB 4.1.21, SB 4.31.28, SB 9.16.6
  muneḥ—sage.    Bg 2.69
  muneḥ—from the learned philosopher    SB 1.12.28
  muneḥ—of Maitreya Muni    SB 3.13.1
  muneḥ—from Muni    SB 6.6.27
  muneḥ—of the great sage, Dadhīci    SB 6.10.13-14
  muneḥ—of Nārada Muni and other devotees    SB 6.11.21
  muneḥ—of a great sage    SB 7.5.38
  muneḥ—of the great saintly person    SB 7.13.11
  muneḥ—from the saintly person    SB 7.13.46
  muneḥ—unto Cyavana Muni    SB 9.3.9
  muneḥ—of the great sage Jamadagni    SB 9.16.4
  muneḥ—of a saintly person    Madhya 24.159
  kapila-muneḥ—of the sage Kapila    SB 3.33.37
  mahā-muneḥ—of elevated transcendentalists    SB 4.4.19
  muneḥ vacaḥ—the words of Nārada Muni    SB 8.11.45

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