Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mule

  mule—at the base    SB 5.16.7, SB 5.25.13
  mule—at the root of    SB-4.21.32
  mule—with roots    Madhya 4.70
  mule—by roots    Antya 6.226

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mule

  ei nava mule—in these nine roots    Adi 9.13-15
  karna-mule—at the root of the ear    SB 3.19.25
  krtta-mule—having its roots cut off    SB 7.2.9
  phala-mule—various kinds of fruits and roots    Madhya 3.46
  phala-mule—with roots and fruits    Madhya 17.62-63
  puccha-mule—at the base of the tail    SB 5.23.5
  pada-mule—at the feet    SB 6.14.50-51
  pada-mule—at the lotus feet    SB 7.1.38
  sei vrksa-mule—under that tree    Antya 6.126
  sva-pada-mule—at His lotus feet    SB 7.9.5
  tat-pada-mule—at His lotus feet    SB 9.4.61
  vina-mule—without a price    Antya 17.46
  vrksa-mule—in the trunk of the tree    Adi 9.13-15
  vrksa-mule—underneath a tree    Antya 6.44