Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mulah

  mūlaḥ—the root    SB 5.13.22
  mūlaḥ—whose root    SB 5.26.9
  ajñāna-mūlaḥ—whose root is ignorance    SB 7.7.27
  kriyā-mūlaḥ—whose root is the performance of yajña and the ritualistic ceremonies mentioned in the Vedas    SB 7.2.11
  kṛta-mūlaḥ—whose base is fixed    SB 5.21.14
  nirveda-mūlaḥ—the source of detachment    SB 1.19.14
  sa-mūlaḥ—based on evidence    SB 5.10.21
  tat-mūlāḥ—taking shelter at His lotus feet    SB 10.4.42
  tri-mūlaḥ—having three roots, the three modes of nature (goodness, passion and ignorance), upon which the body is created    SB 10.2.27
  yat-mūlaḥ—having which as the root cause    SB 5.1.1
  yat-mūlaḥ—the origin of which    SB 5.6.5
  yat-mūlāḥ—the original cause of all these    SB 7.13.34
  ātma-mūlaḥ—self-sufficient, having no other cause    SB 8.3.4

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