Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mukta

  mukta—liberated    SB 1.2.20, SB 2.8.6, SB 4.9.15, SB 4.22.27, SB 4.22.38, SB 7.7.36, Madhya 8.249
  mukta—pearl    Madhya 5.126, Madhya 5.127, Madhya 5.130
  mukta—the pearl    Madhya 5.131, Madhya 5.132
  mukta—being freed    SB 1.13.26
  mukta—liberated from    SB 1.19.7
  mukta—hanging loose    SB 3.19.20
  mukta—disheveled    SB 3.20.40
  mukta—loosened    SB 3.33.29
  mukta—being liberated    SB 4.29.84
  mukta—being freed from    SB 6.2.39
  mukta—being delivered    SB 8.4.5
  mukta—had become opened    SB 10.4.3
  mukta—opened    Madhya 4.130
  mukta—actually liberated    Madhya 19.148
  mukta—freed    Madhya 24.98
  mukta—released    Antya 18.91
  mukta—pearls    SB 4.25.15
  mukta—a pearl    Madhya 5.129

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mukta

  mukta-kanthah—loudly    SB 1.18.38, SB 6.14.59
  mukta-hara—a necklace of pearls    Madhya 21.109, Antya 15.66
  nitya-mukta—eternally liberated    Madhya 22.10, Madhya 22.11
  bhaktye jivat-mukta—one liberated in this life by pursuing the process of devotional service    Madhya 24.129
  bhaktye jivat-mukta—persons liberated in this life by discharging devotional service    Madhya 24.130
  suska-jnane jivat-mukta—so-called liberated in this life by dry, speculative knowledge    Madhya 24.130
  jivan-mukta-dasa—the stage of liberation even while in this body    Madhya 22.29
  jivat-mukta—already liberated, even in this life    Madhya 24.121
  jivat-mukta—liberated in this life    Madhya 24.129
  jnane jivat-mukta—a person liberated in this life by following the process of philosophical speculation    Madhya 24.129
  koti-mukta-madhye—out of many millions of such liberated persons    Madhya 19.148
  mukta haya—becomes liberated    Madhya 15.174
  mukta karena—releases    Madhya 20.6
  mukta kari—liberating    Antya 3.78-79
  mukta karila—liberated.    Antya 20.104
  mukta karite—to liberate    Madhya 15.171
  mukta-anya-sangah—being freed from all material contamination    SB 4.23.37
  mukta-bandhanah—liberated from material bondage.    SB 3.24.45
  mukta-bandhanah—completely freed from material bondage    SB 9.8.30
  mukta-bandhah—being liberated from all bondage.    SB 7.10.13
  mukta-bandhah—liberated from material bondage    Madhya 20.344
  mukta-siromani—the topmost of all liberated souls.    Madhya 8.249
  mukta-dosa—freed from all faults    SB 3.15.21
  mukta-duhsangah—freed from bad materialistic association    SB 1.10.11-12
  mukta-kaccha-sikhah—their garments and hair loosened and scattered    SB 10.4.34
  mukta-kesa—loose hair    SB 9.8.5-6
  mukta-lingam—transcendental    SB 3.27.11
  mukta-lingasya—who had no identification with the gross and subtle body    SB 5.6.7
  mukta-lingah—free from the subtle body.    SB 4.12.18
  mukta-madhye—among the liberated    Madhya 8.249
  mukta-murdhajah—untied his hair    SB 1.15.43
  mukta-murdhajah—having scattered hair    SB 5.6.7
  mukta-murdhaja—with the hair loose    SB 6.18.50
  mukta-sanga—with persons devoid of all material contamination    SB 4.16.18
  mukta-sanga-manoramam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is beautiful to the liberated souls.    SB 8.18.27
  mukta-sangaih—by those who are liberated from material contamination    SB 4.30.36
  mukta-sangaih—by the association of liberated persons    SB 7.6.17-18
  mukta-sangah—liberated from association    Bg 3.9
  mukta-sangah—liberated from all material association    Bg 18.26
  mukta-sangah—freed from all attachment    SB 1.12.27
  mukta-sangah—liberated from material association    SB 3.29.32
  mukta-sangah—free from attachment    SB 3.31.47
  mukta-sangah—a liberated soul.    SB 9.10.8
  mukta-sanganam—who are free from attachment    SB 5.1.2
  mukta-stanesu—who had grown up and were no longer drawing milk from their mothers    SB 10.13.35
  mukta-udarah—became free from dropsy    SB 9.7.21
  mukta-vairake—who is free from all enmity    SB 4.4.11
  mukta-vigrahe—free from anger    SB 4.11.29
  mukta-asrayam—situated in liberation    SB 3.28.35
  mukta-atmabhih—by persons who are already liberated    SB 8.3.18
  mukta-dama—decorated with laces and pearls    SB 1.10.17
  mukta-dama—strings of pearls    SB 4.9.55
  mukta-mala—pearl necklace    Antya 19.39
  mukta-phalaih—with pearls    SB 9.11.31-34
  mukta-vitanaih—by canopies decorated with pearls    SB 8.15.20
  maya-mukta—liberated from maya    Madhya 24.136