Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mukhyah

  mukhyah—the chief    SB 3.6.30, SB 4.29.80, SB 6.17.6
  mukhyah—headed by    SB 3.8.3, SB 3.13.33, SB 8.8.27
  mukhyah—prominent    SB 3.4.28
  mukhyah—faces    SB 3.15.20
  mukhyah—chief    SB 7.2.45
  mukhyah—the supreme    SB 8.24.28
  mukhyah—heads.    SB 1.18.14
  mukhyah—headed by them    SB 9.4.53-54
  mukhyah—the chief    Adi 11.1
  mukhyah—very advanced devotees    Madhya 24.177

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mukhyah

  asru-purna-mukhyah—and the other gopis, their faces full of tears    SB 10.7.25
  anucara-mukhyah—the chief among Your many servants    SB 7.8.52
  gandharva-mukhyah—the chief residents of Gandharvaloka    SB 4.12.31
  gandharva-mukhyah—the chiefs of Gandharvaloka    SB 7.8.36
  marici-mukhyah—headed by Marici    SB 3.12.29
  marici-mukhyah—headed by Marici Rsi    SB 8.12.10
  nanda-mukhyah—headed by Nanda Maharaja    SB 10.7.30
  patita-asru-mukhyah—of the one who fell down with tears in the eyes    SB 1.15.10
  paramahamsya-mukhyah—the chief of all transcendentalists    SB 3.8.8
  parsada-mukhyah—other chiefs of the associates    SB 8.20.32-33
  rukmi-mukhyah—the brother of Rukmini, the first queen of Krsna at Dvaraka    SB 2.7.34-35
  siddha-mukhyah—the chief leaders of Siddhaloka    SB 6.3.19
  sunanda-mukhyah—the associates of the Lord headed by Sunanda    SB 8.20.32-33