Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mukhe

  mukhe—on the mouth    SB 6.8.4-6, Adi 3.54, Adi 3.55, Adi 10.97, Adi 15.17, Adi 16.87, Adi 16.99, Adi 17.229, Madhya 5.38, Madhya 14.191 (and more...)
  mukhe—in the mouths    Madhya 6.25, Madhya 6.183, Madhya 7.24, Madhya 10.176, Madhya 11.12, Madhya 14.145, Madhya 16.74, Madhya 18.167, Madhya 19.146, Madhya 21.12 (and more...)
  mukhe—from the mouth    Adi 17.69, Madhya 4.5, Madhya 7.153, Madhya 13.109
  mukhe—in the face    Adi 17.189, Adi 17.190, Madhya 14.200
  mukhe—within the mouth    SB 4.30.14, Antya 12.50
  mukhe—in his mouth    Adi 8.68, Madhya 18.188
  mukhe—at the mouth    Madhya 18.162, Antya 14.68
  mukhe—in the face of    Bg 4.32
  mukhe—from his mouth    Adi 8.39
  mukhe—by the mouth    Madhya 9.361
  mukhe—on their faces    Madhya 14.135
  mukhe—in their mouths    Madhya 24.118
  mukhe—only in the mouth    Madhya 25.27
  mukhe—in the facial expressions    Antya 5.23
  mukhe—with his mouth    Antya 6.23
  mahāprabhura mukhe—from the mouth of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 16.33, Madhya 21.148, Antya 6.79
  mora mukhe—in my mouth    Madhya 8.200, Antya 5.73, Antya 5.74
  tāṅra mukhe—from His mouth    Madhya 17.48-49, Antya 5.7, Antya 14.83
  yāṅra mukhe—in whose mouth    Madhya 8.311, Madhya 15.106, Madhya 15.111
  kṛta-anta-mukhe—in the repetition of birth and death.    Madhya 24.166, Madhya 24.213
  mora mukhe—through My mouth    Madhya 21.145, Antya 1.204
  tomāra mukhe—from your mouth    Adi 16.104, Madhya 8.101
  tomāra mukhe—in your mouth    Adi 17.217, Madhya 8.50
  tāra mukhe—in their mouths    Madhya 17.130, Madhya 17.143
  bhakta-mukhe—through the mouth of His devotees    Madhya 25.267
  śarvarī-mukhe—in the beginning of evening    Antya 1.170
  śata-mukhe—in hundreds of mouths    Adi 4.255
  śrī-mukhe—from the mouth of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 4.170
  śrī-mukhe—in His own mouth    Madhya 4.210
  śrī-mukhe—from Your own mouth    Madhya 15.103
  śrī-mukhe—from his mouth    Antya 5.160
  śrī-mukhe—through Your transcendental mouth    Antya 6.232
  śrī-mukhe kahila—Caitanya Mahāprabhu personally described    Madhya 25.254
  śuka-mukhe—in the mouth of the male parrot    Madhya 17.211
  duṅhāra mukhe—in the mouths of both Rūpa Gosvāmī and his brother Vallabha    Madhya 19.70
  duṅhāra mukhe—in the mouths of both    Madhya 19.71
  ei chāra mukhe—in this abominable mouth    Madhya 15.281
  govindera mukhe—from the mouth of Govinda    Antya 6.321
  jāliyāra mukhe—from the mouth of this fisherman    Antya 18.114
  loka-mukhe—from the people    Madhya 5.9
  loka-mukhe—from the mouth of those people    Madhya 7.117
  loka-mukhe—from the general public    Madhya 25.220
  mahā bahiḥ-mukhe—great offenders by dint of strong atheism.    Madhya 17.143
  miśra-mukhe—from the mouth of Tapana Miśra    Madhya 25.218
  mukhe mukha diyā—touching one anothers' mouths    Madhya 17.42
  mukhe tāra—in their mouths    Antya 13.76
  nava-mukhe—in the body having nine gates    SB 4.28.60
  nija-mukhe—by your own mouth    Adi 16.39
  nimāñi-mukhe—in the mouth of this boy Nimāi    Adi 16.90
  nityānanda-mukhe—from the mouth of Lord Nityānanda Prabhu    Madhya 5.134
  padme-mukhe—between the lotus flowers and the faces    Antya 18.92
  pañca-mukhe—as if speaking with five mouths    Antya 3.175
  prabhu-mukhe—in the mouth of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 1.60
  prabhura mukhe—from the mouth of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Antya 7.56
  priyā-mukhe—on His beloved's face    Antya 15.52
  pūrva-mukhe—toward the east    Antya 6.171
  raṇa-mukhe—in the front of the battle    SB 8.10.19-24
  raghunātha-dāsa-mukhe—from the mouth of Raghunātha dāsa Gosvāmī    Antya 3.269
  sahasra-mukhe—with thousands of mouths    Adi 10.41
  sahasra-mukhe—possessing thousands of mouths    Antya 17.64
  sanātana-mukhe—from the mouth of Sanātana    Madhya 17.74
  sei mukhe—in that very mouth    Madhya 12.183
  svayaṁvara-mukhe—on the occasion of the selection of the bridegroom    SB 1.15.7
  tinera mukhe—from the mouths of the three persons    Madhya 25.219
  tretā-mukhe—in the beginning of Tretā-yuga    SB 6.10.16
  tretā-mukhe—in the beginning of the Tretā-yuga    SB 9.14.49
  tāṅra mukhe—from the mouth of such chanters    Madhya 17.48-49
  tāṅra mukhe—and from his mouth    Madhya 17.48-49
  tāṅra mukhe—in the mouth of Lord Nityānanda Prabhu    Antya 6.80
  tāra mukhe—in his mouth    Madhya 17.127
  tāra mukhe—on his head    Madhya 25.193
  tāra-i mukhe—from his mouth    Antya 5.139
  vipra-mukhe—through the mouth of a brāhmaṇa    SB 7.14.17
  vipra-mukhe—unto brāhmaṇas    Madhya 1.112
  yat-mukhe—whose mouth    SB-4.21.41
  ūrdhva-mukhe—raising the face upward    Madhya 13.76
  ūrdhva-mukhe—with his face toward the sky    Antya 9.24
  yāṅra mukhe—from whose mouth    Adi 5.122
  āji-mukhe—in the very beginning of the battle    SB 6.10.29

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