Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: muda

  mudā—with great pleasure    SB 4.7.25, SB 6.12.34, SB 8.1.33, SB 10.12.2
  mudā—with great jubilation    SB 8.20.18, SB 9.10.33, SB 10.3.11
  mudā—with great happiness    SB 5.9.14, SB 5.19.26, Antya 12.1
  mudā—in great jubilation.    SB 9.10.41, SB 9.14.41, SB 10.3.6
  mudā—with great delight    SB 1.2.22, SB 4.13.37
  mudā—because of a joyful attitude.    SB 1.10.4
  mudā—gladly.    SB 1.11.28
  mudā—in pleasure    SB 1.19.18
  mudā—joyously    SB 3.15.42
  mudā—in joyful ecstasy.    SB 3.24.7
  mudā—being very pleased    SB 4.1.5
  mudā—with glad faces.    SB 4.4.7
  mudā—satisfaction    SB 5.15.10
  mudā—happiness    SB 6.4.41
  mudā—in great happiness.    SB 8.11.41
  mudā—with great satisfaction.    SB 8.16.42
  mudā—in great transcendental pleasure    SB 10.11.58
  mudā—in transcendental pleasure.    SB 10.13.7
  mudā anvitāḥ—all surcharged with great pleasure    SB 8.7.1
  mudā anvitāḥ—being joyous in their attitude    SB 10.3.7-8
  mudā-anvitaḥ—in a pleasing mood    SB 7.11.1
  mudā-anvitāḥ—in great happiness    SB 4.30.11
  mudā-anvitāḥ—being very pleased with him.    SB 8.20.19
  mudā-āvahaḥ—this action was very much pleasing    SB 10.11.51

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