Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mrtyum

  mṛtyum—death    SB 1.12.27, SB 3.18.28, SB 3.24.38, SB 3.31.40, SB 3.31.42, SB 3.33.11, SB 4.8.4, SB 4.9.52, SB 4.11.27, SB 4.13.39 (and more...)
  mṛtyum—the path of death    Bg 13.26
  mṛtyum—birth and death    SB 3.16.19
  mṛtyum—death.    SB 4.10.30
  mṛtyum—of death    SB 10.1.5-7
  samupeta-mṛtyum—one who is on the path of repeated birth and death.    SB 5.5.18

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