Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mrtyu

  mṛtyu—death    Bg 9.3, Bg 13.8-12, Bg 14.20, SB 1.14.14, SB 7.1.42
  mṛtyu—of death    SB 6.12.14, SB 6.14.55, SB 6.17.23
  mṛtyu—that    Bg 12.6-7
  mṛtyu—while dying    SB 4.29.71
  mṛtyu—untimely death    SB 5.16.25
  mṛtyū—deaths    SB 6.10.33
  jarā-mṛtyu-harām—which can counteract invalidity, old age and death    SB 8.9.21
  mṛtyu ha-uka—let me die    Madhya 15.151
  mṛtyu-bhaye—fear of death    SB 7.15.46
  mṛtyu-bhaye—fearing the suicide    Madhya 5.84
  mṛtyu-gaja-bhayāt—out of fear of the elephant of death    SB 5.14.33
  mṛtyu-grastaḥ—although in imminent danger of death    SB 8.6.21
  mṛtyu-hāsaḥ—power of death.    SB 3.27.30
  mṛtyu-kāle—when the time of death    SB 6.1.27
  mṛtyu-mukhāt—from the mouth of death    SB 10.7.30
  mṛtyu-patham—a material life of repeated birth and death    SB 9.8.13
  mṛtyu-pāśa—the chain of birth and death    SB 3.14.5
  mṛtyu-pāśaiḥ—by the bonds of death    SB 3.18.10
  mṛtyu-pāśāt—from the ropes of death    SB 6.3.23
  mṛtyu-vyāla-bhītaḥ—afraid of the serpent of death    SB 10.3.27

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