Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mrtyoh

  mrtyoh—of death    SB 2.6.9, SB 3.14.6, SB 3.25.39-40, SB 4.30.38
  mrtyoh—from death    SB 4.17.17, SB 6.2.20
  mrtyoh—death    SB 6.1.8, SB 8.16.4
  mrtyoh—in the form of time    SB 4.11.20
  mrtyoh—of personified death    SB-4.21.30
  mrtyoh—of death (the inauspicious result)    SB 5.20.5
  mrtyoh—for death    SB 6.10.19-22
  mrtyoh—and death    SB 6.15.5
  mrtyoh—from the clutches of death    SB 7.10.28
  mrtyoh—nor from death    SB 8.20.5
  mrtyoh—from the path of repeated birth and death    SB 10.12.37
  mrtyoh—death personified    SB 10.13.4

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mrtyoh

  chanda-mrtyoh—of one who dies according to one's own selection of time    SB 1.9.29
  mrtyoh api—even from fear of death    SB 7.10.29
  mrtyoh jathara-agni-ghasan—who had all entered like straws into the fire of the abdomen of Aghasura, who was very bold and hungry, like death personified (because the asura had assumed a big body, he must have had a very strong appetite)    SB 10.12.27
  mrtyoh murdhni—on the head of death    SB 4.12.30