Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mrsa

  mṛṣā—false    SB 1.18.31, SB 5.3.17, SB 6.18.43
  mṛṣā—untruth    SB 2.6.34, Madhya 1.203
  mṛṣā—useless    SB 3.21.24, SB 8.24.30
  mṛṣā—falsely    SB 3.27.15
  mṛṣā—Mṛṣā    SB 4.8.2
  mṛṣā—feigning    SB 5.8.21
  mṛṣā—in vain    SB 6.16.35
  mṛṣā—lies.    SB 6.18.70
  mṛṣā—false.    SB 7.2.48
  mṛṣā—a lie    SB 7.5.9
  mṛṣā—all these theories are without substance.    SB 7.15.59
  mṛṣā—all false    SB 9.20.33
  mṛṣā—without purpose or cause    SB 10.6.1
  kevalinā mṛṣā—possessing knowledge falsely    SB 6.5.40
  mṛṣā-aśruḥ—with false tears in the eyes    SB 10.9.6
  mṛṣā-dṛṣṭiḥ—falsely envious because of a false conception    SB 7.10.15-17

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