Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mrga

  mrga—animals    SB 2.6.43-45, SB 3.21.40, SB 4.7.28, SB 4.25.19, Madhya 24.58
  mrga—deer    SB 5.5.34, SB 7.14.9, Madhya 24.231
  mrga—the animals    Madhya 24.236, Madhya 24.238
  mrga—beasts    SB 2.6.13-16
  mrga—hunting    SB 4.26.4
  mrga—wild beasts    SB 5.26.17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mrga

  mrga-sariram—the body of a deer    SB 5.8.27, SB 5.8.31, SB 5.9.1-2
  mrga-mada—of musk    Madhya 8.171, Antya 15.22
  mrga-adayah—and animals    SB 10.13.60, Madhya 17.39
  vyaghra-mrga—the tigers and deer    Madhya 17.40, Madhya 17.42
  sukara-mrga—boars and other animals    Madhya 24.240
  kaka-mrga-go-caritah—behaving exactly like the crows, deer and cows    SB 5.5.34
  mrga maribare—to kill the animals    Madhya 24.234
  mrga-aksi-ganaih—by the gopis, who had eyes resembling those of deer    Adi 17.293
  mrga-arbhaka—the son of a deer    SB 5.8.26
  mrga-ari—the enemy of the animals    Madhya 24.242
  mrga-balakam—the son of a deer    SB 5.8.24
  mrga-carma-ambara—a garment made of deerskin    Madhya 10.154
  mrga-cestitam—the activities of the deer    SB 4.29.55
  mrga-sirsa-adini—such as Mrgasirsa    SB 5.23.6
  mrga-chala—deerskin    Madhya 24.245
  mrga-sava—like a deer cub    SB 4.2.12
  mrga-dehe—in the body of a deer    SB 5.12.15
  mrga-daraka—befitting the calf of the deer    SB 5.8.20
  mrga-daraka-abhasena—resembling the son of a deer    SB 5.8.26
  mrga-gana—by groups of deer    SB 4.6.10
  mrga-ha—a hunter    SB 6.18.58
  mrga-indra—lion    SB 1.16.11
  mrga-indra-lilam—pastimes as a lion and human being combined    SB 7.10.47
  mrga-indraih—with lions    SB 4.6.19-20
  mrga-indram—a lion    SB 9.20.18
  mrga-indrah—the lion    Adi 6.73
  mrga-indrena—by the lion    SB 4.18.23-24
  mrga-mada—musk    Adi 4.97
  mrga-mada—the fragrance of musk    Madhya 2.33
  mrga-mada—deer musk    Madhya 18.119
  mrga-made—made by the aroma of the musk    Madhya 8.171
  mrga-mrgi—the deer, both male and female    Madhya 17.198
  mrga-paksinam—of the beasts and birds    SB 6.4.1-2
  mrga-pateh—of one lion    SB 5.8.3
  mrga-pati-bhayat—because of fear of the lion    SB 5.8.24
  mrga-patih—the master of all living beings, who is exactly like a lion (the master of all other animals)    SB 5.25.10
  mrga-rat—the lion    SB 3.13.32
  mrga-rat—a lion    SB 8.11.30
  mrga-rat iva—like the king of the animals, the lion    SB 4.22.61
  mrga-sangat—because of my intimate association with a deer    SB 5.12.14
  mrga-sutam—the son of a deer    SB 5.8.29
  mrga-trsnam—false aspiration    SB 4.29.18-20
  mrga-trsi—mirage    SB 4.7.28
  mrga-vadhu-nyasah—this baby deer entrusted to me by its mother    SB 5.8.19
  mrga-vadhuh—wife of a deer    SB 5.8.4
  mrga-varaha-adibhyah—from the deer, wild pigs and so on    SB 5.9.13
  mrga-vyaghra-ambare—whether a deerskin or a tiger skin.    Madhya 24.245
  mrga-adi—animals    Madhya 24.247
  mrga-adi—animals, beginning with the deer    Madhya 24.263
  mrga-adi—the pierced animals    Madhya 24.263
  mrga-adi laha—take some of the hunted animals    Madhya 24.244
  mrga-adi-sange—with the forest animals    Madhya 25.223
  mrga-akrtih—in the form of a deer.    SB 6.18.58
  nr-mrga-indra-rupam—the form of both a man and the king of the beasts, the lion.    SB 7.8.18
  saha mrga-jahuna—with the deer calf    SB 5.8.11
  sura-nara-mrga-misrita-jalacara-akrtibhih—with different forms like those of the demigods, human beings, animals, mixtures and aquatics (the incarnations Vamana, Lord Ramacandra, Krsna, Varaha, Hayagriva, Nrsimha, Matsya and Kurma)    SB 6.9.40