Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: moksanam

  mokṣāṇām—salvation    SB 3.7.32
  mokṣāṇām—of salvation    SB 4.22.34
  mokṣāṇām—of liberation    SB 4.23.35
  aghāsura-mokṣaṇam—the wonderful killing and deliverance of Aghāsura from material tribulation    SB 10.13.15
  ahi-mokṣaṇam—their deliverance and the deliverance of the python    SB 10.12.37
  gaja-rāja-mokṣaṇam—delivering the King of the elephants    SB 8.4.14
  gajendra-mokṣaṇam—deliverance of Gajendra, the King of the elephants    SB 8.5.1

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