Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mohanah

  mohanah—the enchanter.    Madhya 17.214

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mohanah

  madana-mohanah—Madana-mohana    Antya 16.119, Antya 17.40
  jagat-mohanah—the attractor of the whole world.    Madhya 17.210
  madana-mohanah—the enchanter of the mind of Cupid    Madhya 17.216
  madana-mohanah—Lord Krsna, the enchanter of Cupid    Antya 15.63
  madana-mohanah—Krsna, who is more attractive than Cupid    Antya 15.78
  madana-mohanah—Lord Krsna, who enchants even Cupid    Antya 19.91