Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: moha

  moha—illusion    SB 1.7.7, SB 5.6.5, SB 6.16.13, SB 7.13.34, SB 10.4.27
  moha—of illusions    Bg 16.16, SB 4.13.45, SB 5.11.16, SB 6.15.21-23
  moha—delusion    Bg 7.28, SB 1.8.47
  moha—illusory    Bg 2.52
  moha—bewilderment    SB 5.14.27
  moha—out of ignorance    SB 6.14.37
  moha—and by illusion    SB 9.8.25
  moha-jam—born of ignorance    SB 7.2.42
  moha-jam—produced from illusory knowledge    SB 7.7.19-20
  moha-jāt—due to bewilderment.    SB 1.13.44
  moha-paṭalā—the covering of illusion    SB 3.33.1
  moha-pāśaḥ—this hard knot of illusion    SB 9.8.26
  sva-moha-prabhavāḥ—created by one’s own illusion    SB 7.8.10

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