Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mo

  mo—as me    Adi 5.209

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mo

  mo-adhame—to one as abominable as me    Adi 5.217
  mo-adhame—unto me, the most fallen    Antya 3.132
  mo-adhame—unto me, who am so fallen    Antya 11.39
  mo-haite—from me    Madhya 24.325
  mo-hena—such as me    Adi 5.210
  mo-nicera—of someone lowborn like me    Madhya 24.327
  mo-papisthe—unto me, who am so sinful    Adi 5.210
  mo-visaye—on the subject of Me    Adi 4.29
  mo-visaye—in relation with Me    Madhya 13.155
  mo-vinu—except for us    Madhya 1.201