Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mleccha

  mleccha—the Mohammedan    Madhya 16.171, Madhya 18.164, Madhya 18.179, Antya 3.159
  mleccha—meat-eaters    Adi 17.192, Adi 17.194, Adi 17.201-202
  mleccha—the meat-eater    Adi 17.198, Antya 3.155
  mleccha—Mohammedans    Madhya 18.163, Antya 6.17
  mleccha—of the lands known as Mlecchadesa (where Vedic civilization was not present)    SB 9.23.16
  mleccha—one who does not follow the Vedic principles    Adi 7.39
  mleccha—the governor of the other side    Madhya 16.195
  mleccha—uncivilized men who cannot follow the Vedic principles    Madhya 19.145
  mleccha—unclean persons with no principles    Madhya 24.17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mleccha

  mleccha bale—the Mohammedan said    Antya 6.30
  mleccha hana—although born in a family of meateaters.    Antya 11.30
  mleccha kahe—the Mohammedan replied    Madhya 18.199
  mleccha-bhaye—from fear of the Muslims    Madhya 4.42
  mleccha-bhaye—because of fear of the Mohammedans    Madhya 18.31
  mleccha-bhaye—because of fear of the Muslims    Madhya 18.47
  mleccha-sastra—Mohammedan scripture    Madhya 18.202
  mleccha-desa—the countries governed by Muslims    Madhya 4.184
  mleccha-desa—this is a country occupied by the Mohammedans    Madhya 18.217
  mleccha-dese—through the countries where Muslims ruled    Madhya 4.176
  mleccha-gana—the Mohammedan soldiers    Madhya 18.181
  mleccha-gana dekhi—seeing the Mohammedan soldiers    Madhya 18.180
  mleccha-jati—belonging to the meat-eater caste    Madhya 1.197
  mleccha-karma—the work of meat-eaters    Madhya 1.197
  mleccha-rajara—of the Mohammedan King    Madhya 15.121
  mleccha-sahita—with the Mohammedan    Antya 6.34
  mleccha-sevi—servants of the meat-eaters    Madhya 1.197
  sei mleccha—of that Mohammedan caudhuri    Antya 6.24
  sei mleccha-madhye—among those Mohammedans    Madhya 18.185