Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mitra

  mitra—benefactor with affection    Bg 6.9
  mitra—friend    Bg 14.22-25
  mitra—friends    SB 1.8.49
  mitra—one of the twelve Ādityas    SB 2.5.30
  mitra—my dear friend    SB 5.2.15
  mitra—well-wishers    SB 6.16.5
  mitra—an intimate friend    Madhya 22.163
  mitra—the friend    Antya 18.98
  mitrā-varuṇayoḥ—of Mitra and Varuṇa    SB 6.18.5, SB 9.14.17-18
  acyuta-mitra-sūtaḥ—Arjuna, who is guided by the infallible Lord as a friend and driver    SB 1.7.17
  śatrura mitra—the friend of the enemy    Antya 18.98
  mitra-dhruk—one who turns against a friend or relative    SB 6.2.9-10
  mitra-drohe—quarreling with friends    Bg 1.37-38
  mitra-gaṇa—friends    Madhya 13.198
  mitra-putrī—the daughter of the sun-god.    Madhya 3.28
  mitra-vindā—Mitravindā    SB 5.20.15
  mitra-ātmaja—O son of Mitrā (Maitreya Muni)    SB 3.7.26
  mitrā-sutaḥ—the son of Mitra-    SB 3.4.36
  mitrā-varuṇayoḥ—of the demigods named Mitra and Varuṇa    SB 9.1.13
  mitrā-varuṇayoḥ—from the semen of Mitra and Varuṇa (discharged from seeing the beauty of Urvaśī)    SB 9.13.6
  pātra-mitra—all the officers and friends    Madhya 14.48
  pātra-mitra sane—accompanied by ministers and friends.    Antya 9.22
  pātra-mitra-saṅge—accompanied by his secretaries, ministers, military officers and so on    Madhya 11.14
  pātra-mitra-saṅge—with his ministers and friends    Madhya 14.60

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