Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mithya

  mithya—false    SB 3.31.20, SB 5.10.6, Adi 14.56, Antya 1.179, Antya 2.98, Antya 2.157, Antya 9.99
  mithya—untruth    Madhya 6.173
  mithya—falsely    Antya 4.89

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mithya

  eha mithya—this is false    Antya 20.92
  iha mithya naya—this is not false.    Madhya 18.107
  kichu mithya nahe—there is no falsity.    Adi 5.132
  mithya-abhisamsinah—all liars, simply complaining against Me so that you may chastise Me    SB 10.8.35
  mithya esah—this is all false    Bg 18.59
  mithya nahe—this is not untrue    Madhya 3.35
  mithya vani—false stories    Antya 12.118
  mithya-abhimateh—deluded by false ego    SB 3.29.5
  mithya-drstih—he whose vision is mistaken    SB 5.14.5
  mithya-vacana—false statement    Madhya 5.44
  mithya-acarah—pretender    Bg 3.6