Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mile

  mile—meet    Adi 7.157, Madhya 13.153, Antya 9.76
  mile—meets    Madhya 8.310, Antya 6.187
  mile—meet.    Adi 4.10
  mile—they meet    Adi 4.31
  mile—gets    Adi 13.120
  mile—meet together    Madhya 3.205
  mile—one gets    Madhya 12.9
  mile—one meets    Madhya 19.180
  mile—if one gets to do    Madhya 21.132
  kṛṣṇa mile—one meets Kṛṣṇa    Antya 4.61
  nā mile—they do not meet    Adi 4.31
  nā mile—are not available    Madhya 9.182
  nāhi mile—no one could get.    Antya 12.18
  yāre mile—whomever he meets    Antya 12.101
  āpane mile—personally meets    Madhya 1.65

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