Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mayim

  mayīm—consisting of    SB 3.31.13
  dharma-mayīm—the director of all religious principles    SB 5.18.1
  dravya-mayīm—made of physical elements    SB 4.8.56
  dāru-mayīm—made with wood    SB 4.28.50
  guṇa-mayīm—composed of the modes of material nature    SB 4.7.51
  kīrti-mayīm—expanding one’s name and fame    SB 4.15.15
  manyu-mayīm—very much angry    SB 4.17.28
  putra-sneha-mayīm—very much attached because of maternal affection for her son    SB 10.8.43
  saṅkalpanā-mayīm—proceeding from will    SB 4.18.19
  yajña-mayīm—all-inclusive sacrifices    SB 2.7.1

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