Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mayaya

  māyayā—by the illusory energy    Bg 7.15, SB 2.6.37, SB 2.7.53, SB 3.23.57, SB 4.11.16, SB 4.30.33, SB 5.18.4, SB 6.3.25, SB 6.18.39, SB 9.4.57-59 (and more...)
  māyayā—by the external energy    SB 2.5.18, SB 2.10.13, SB 2.10.45, SB 3.15.5, SB 4.1.56, SB 7.5.11
  māyayā—by the material energy    SB 4.6.49, SB 4.17.29, SB 5.14.1, SB 7.2.22
  māyayā—by His energy    SB 1.8.16, SB 4.24.61
  māyayā—by the energy    SB 2.5.21, SB 4.20.4
  māyayā—by the influence of the illusory energy    SB 3.15.24, SB 4.9.9
  māyayā—by Your external energy    SB 3.21.20, SB 8.6.11
  māyayā—by illusory energy    SB 4.7.30, SB 4.20.31
  māyayā—by mystic power    SB 10.6.4, SB 10.13.44
  māyayā—under the spell of material energy.    Bg 18.61
  māyayā—energies.    SB 1.1.18
  māyayā—His mystic power.    SB 1.8.44
  māyayā—by internal potency    SB 1.9.10
  māyayā—by His self-created energy    SB 1.9.18
  māyayā—causeless mercy    SB 1.11.35
  māyayā—by manifestations of different energies    SB 1.13.48
  māyayā—by the energies    SB 2.4.6
  māyayā—by potency.    SB 2.5.4
  māyayā—potencies    SB 2.5.12
  māyayā—by the influence of the exterior energy    SB 2.9.2
  māyayā—by the influence of external energy    SB 3.2.10
  māyayā—by the potency    SB 3.7.4
  māyayā—by potencies    SB 3.13.43
  māyayā—by deception    SB 3.18.4
  māyayā—by the deluding energy    SB 3.21.14
  māyayā—through Your causeless mercy    SB 3.21.20
  māyayā—by māyā    SB 3.30.8
  māyayā—by the māyā    SB 3.31.15
  māyayā—by māyā.    SB 3.31.37
  māyayā—by illusion    SB 4.10.28
  māyayā—the external energy    SB 4.11.26
  māyayā—by His internal potencies or causeless mercy    SB 4.16.2
  māyayā—by Your energy    SB 4.17.36
  māyayā—illusory energy    SB 5.3.14
  māyayā—the influence of māyā    SB 5.17.20
  māyayā—with deceit    SB 5.18.23
  māyayā—because of the influence or facilities given by the illusory energy    SB 6.4.53
  māyayā—by his potency.    SB 6.7.16
  māyayā—by the power.    SB 6.18.61
  māyayā—by māyā, the illusory energy    SB 7.6.20-23
  māyayā—by My potency.    SB 8.12.38
  māyayā—under the influence of māyā    SB 8.14.10
  māyayā—by the materially attractive feature.    SB 9.19.12
  māyayā—by His internal potency.    Madhya 20.162
  māyāya—over the material energy    Adi 5.56
  māyāya—through the external energy    Adi 6.8
  māyāya—by the trick.    Madhya 4.128
  sva-māyayā—by His own potency    SB 4.17.31, SB 5.11.13-14, SB 8.3.8-9
  tat-māyayā—because of the illusory energy of the Supreme Lord    Madhya 20.119, Madhya 24.137, Madhya 25.138
  ātma-māyayā—by His internal potency    SB 2.8.23, SB 3.25.1, SB 3.25.3
  nija-māyayā—by His own potency    SB 4.8.57, SB 8.3.4
  sva-māyayā—by His internal potency.    SB 3.3.8, SB 6.9.26-27
  ātma-māyayā—by His personal potency    SB 1.2.30, SB 6.17.21
  ātma-yoga-māyayā—by His own spiritual potency    SB 5.4.3, SB 5.20.41
  aja-māyayā—because of the influence of the external, illusory energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 8.2.26
  amṛta-mayāya—who awards eternal life    SB 5.18.18
  anna-mayāya—who maintains all living entities by supplying the necessities of life    SB 5.18.18
  chandaḥ-mayāya—unto the enjoyer of all ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.18.18
  deva-māyayā—by the influence of the illusory energy    SB 5.14.28
  deva-māyayā—by the māyā of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.12.35
  deva-māyayā—by transcendental love for Me (desiring Me as your beloved son).    SB 10.3.39
  īśa-māyayā—by the potency or power of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 6.15.4
  māyayā vinā—without māyā.    SB 10.13.25
  māyāya tomāra—Your māyā.    Adi 17.113
  nija-māyayā—by His internal potency    SB 3.28.32
  nija-māyayā—by His transcendental potency    SB 6.9.25
  nija-māyayā—by Your own external energy    SB 7.9.30
  nija-māyayā arpitam—manifested by Your personal potency    SB 5.18.31
  nija-yoga-māyayā—by His own spiritual potency    SB 8.18.11
  puṣkara-nābha-māyayā—by the illusory energy of Puṣkaranābha, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.6.48
  sarva-mayāya—who is all-pervading    SB 5.18.18
  sva-māyayā—one's own ignorance    SB 1.5.27
  sva-māyayā—by the personal energy    SB 1.8.14
  sva-māyayā—by His divine potency    SB 3.20.8
  sva-māyayā—by Your own energy    SB 3.21.21
  sva-māyayā—by His own internal energy    SB 3.24.16
  sva-māyayā—by expanding His spiritual energy    SB 6.8.32-33
  sva-māyayā—by His own creative energy    SB 7.1.10
  sva-māyayā—by His transcendental potencies    SB 7.10.70
  sva-māyayā—by My own energy.    SB 8.8.37
  sva-māyayā—by Your personal energy (ātma-māyayā)    SB 10.3.20
  sva-ātma-māyayā—by Your own energy    SB 6.9.40
  tat-māyayā—by His potency    SB 4.17.32
  tvat-māyayā—by Your external potency    SB 4.7.44
  tvat-māyayā—by Your illusory energy    SB 5.19.15
  tvat-māyayā—by Your external energy    SB 6.11.27
  tvat-māyayā—by Your illusory, external energy    SB 10.2.28
  viṣṇu-māyayā—by the energy of Viṣṇu    SB 3.10.12
  yat-māyayā—by the influence of whose energy    SB 8.12.10
  yat-māyayā—by the illusory energy of whom    SB 9.8.22
  yat-māyayā—all such things addressed by me are, after all, given by the mercy of the Supreme    SB 10.8.42
  yoga-māyayā—through His internal potency    SB 3.16.15
  yoga-māyayā—by yogamāyā    SB 3.21.19
  ātma-māyayā—by My internal energy.    Bg 4.6
  ātma-māyayā—by His potencies.    SB 3.26.18
  ātma-māyayā—by the external energy of the Supreme Lord    SB 4.3.11
  ātma-māyayā—by His material energy    SB 4.7.39
  ātma-māyayā—by His inconceivable potency.    SB 4.12.6
  ātma-māyayā—by the illusory energy of the Lord    SB 6.2.36-37
  ātma-māyayā—by the external energy of the Lord.    SB 8.7.39
  ātma-māyayā—by the spiritual potency, the internal energy.    SB 8.12.21
  ātma-māyayā—by acting in His own spiritual energy    SB 10.3.46

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