Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: matrena

  mātreṇa—just    SB 3.29.11-12
  mātreṇa—quality    SB 4.8.29
  mātreṇa—by only    Adi 3.104
  mātreṇa—simply by doing so    Adi 15.1
  śruti-mātreṇa—simply by hearing    SB 9.5.16, Madhya 8.72
  śruti-mātreṇa—only by hearing    Adi 4.205, Madhya 19.171
  bhrū-bhaṅga-mātreṇa—simply by the flicking of the eyebrows    SB 9.4.53-54
  prasāda-mātreṇa—simply by the mercy    Antya 7.1
  prāpti-mātreṇa—only with the receiving    Madhya 6.225
  sparśa-mātreṇa—simply by touching    SB 9.9.12
  ātma-nirveśa-mātreṇa—as soon as He entered (between the two trees)    SB 10.10.26

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