Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: matre

  mātre—to My mother    SB 3.24.40
  mātre—to her mother    SB 9.15.9
  mātre—unto His mother (Yaśodā)    SB 10.7.30
  mātre—unto mother Yaśodā    SB 10.8.32
  śravaṇa-mātre—simply by hearing    Adi 15.5
  darśana-mātre—simply seeing You    Madhya 8.51-52
  darśana-mātre—as soon as one sees    Antya 18.51
  icchā-mātre—just by desire    Antya 11.96
  kṣaṇa-mātre—within a moment    Antya 19.51
  nāma-ābhāsa mātre—simply by a glimpse of the chanting of the holy name    Antya 3.195
  prāṇi-mātre—to any living entity however insignificant    Madhya 22.120
  sparśa-mātre—as soon as I touched it    Antya 18.49
  sva-mātre—unto His own mother    SB 2.7.3
  tomāra icchā-mātre—simply by your desire    Madhya 15.171
  ānanda-mātre—the reservoir of all pleasure    SB 4.11.30

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