Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: matra

  mātra—only    SB 10.13.54, Adi 4.160, Adi 4.166, Adi 4.172, Adi 4.189, Adi 5.157, Adi 7.39, Adi 14.82, Adi 14.86, Madhya 1.54 (and more...)
  mātra—simply    SB 3.15.20, SB 3.29.19, Antya 7.83, Antya 9.149, Antya 16.137
  mātra—only.    Adi 9.29, Adi 10.134, Madhya 7.36
  mātrā—by her mother    SB 4.4.8, SB 9.15.9, SB 9.22.8
  mātrā—with one’s mother    SB 9.19.17, Antya 2.119
  mātra—the objects of the senses    SB 9.5.3
  mātra—any    Adi 17.159
  mātra—up to    Madhya 19.123
  mātrā—sensuous    Bg 2.14
  mātrā—objects of sense enjoyment    SB 1.6.34
  mātrā—subtle form    SB 2.5.25
  mātrā—objects perceived by the senses    SB 2.10.3
  mātrā—by his mother    SB 3.2.2
  mātrā—by your mother    SB 4.8.30
  mātrā—mother    SB 4.8.65
  ei-mātra—only this    Antya 7.85, Antya 13.133
  kṣaṇa-mātra—even for a moment    Madhya 2.57, Antya 6.253
  ati-mātra—very high    SB 6.12.27-29
  ati-mātra—greatly    Madhya 24.349
  bhakṣya-mātra—eatables    Madhya 24.280
  bhinna-mātra kāya—only two different bodies    Adi 5.5
  śarīra-mātra—the body only    SB 5.5.28
  carma-mātra—only skin    Antya 14.67
  deha-mātra—keeping only the body    SB 7.13.1
  dhvani-mātra—the sound only    Madhya 5.99
  diṅ-mātra—only a small part    Adi 10.44
  diṅ-mātra—only a fractional part    Adi 10.159
  diṅ-mātra—only in the matter of indication    Adi 15.33
  dik-mātra—only a direction    Antya 15.98
  dugdha-mātra dena—deliver milk only    Madhya 14.223
  ei-mātra—only these    Antya 2.98
  eka-mātra—only one    Adi 6.98
  eka-mātrā—one mātrā (sixteen seers, or seras)    Antya 12.102
  īṣā-mātra—like the front of a plow    SB 10.6.15-17
  gandha-mātra pāya—gets only the scent.    Antya 19.99
  govinda-mātra sātha—with only Govinda.    Antya 2.132
  iṣu-mātra—the measurement of an arrow (three feet) ahead    SB 5.10.2
  jīva-mātra—of any living entity    Adi 17.156
  kathā-mātra—any speaking    Antya 6.230
  kevala-mātra—only    Antya 12.134
  kichu-mātra—something about them    Adi 12.78
  krīḍā-mātra—pastime only    Adi 5.29
  lava-mātra—even for a moment    Madhya 22.54
  mukha-mātra—only the lotus flowers and the faces    Antya 18.92
  māsa-mātra—only one month    Madhya 25.208
  mātra jāne—only knows    Madhya 11.232
  mātra vāda—only argument and word jugglery    Madhya 25.43
  mātrā saha—with the mother    SB 9.16.6
  mātrā saha—with His mother, Rohiṇī    SB 10.5.27
  mātrā uktaḥ—being ordered by the mother    SB 9.22.25
  naśvara-mātra—only temporary    Madhya 6.173
  nāma-mātra—that is also a token    Adi 10.6
  nāma-mātra—only as a token record    Madhya 9.6
  nāma-mātra—in name only    Madhya 17.120
  para-ātma-niṣṭhā-mātra—only for the determination to serve Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 3.8
  prāṇi-mātra—all living beings    Antya 16.44
  rāma-mātrā—by the mother of Lord Paraśurāma    SB 9.16.12
  smṛta-mātra—if he is remembered    SB 9.17.4
  sva-mātrā—from His mother    SB 3.33.12
  sūtra-mātra—only the synopsis    Madhya 1.9
  sūtra-mātra—the synopsis only    Madhya 1.11-12
  sūtra-mātra kaila—prepared only the synopsis.    Antya 20.73
  tamaḥ-mātra-ātmaka-ātmanām—of those grossly in the mode of ignorance.    SB 4.2.14-15
  tat-mātra—the sense objects (sound, taste, touch, etc.)    SB 7.15.60
  tāvat mātra—only that much distance (eighty thousand miles)    SB 5.24.4
  vadha-mātra—killing only    Adi 17.165
  varṇa-mātra—only the color    Adi 13.115
  varṇa-mātra—color only    Madhya 20.174

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