Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: matr

  matr—regarding the mother    SB 1.14.4
  matr—the inhabitants of Matrloka    SB 2.10.37-40
  matr—and mother    SB 4.27.7
  matr—Matas    SB 6.8.25
  matr-bhakta—of great devotees of mothers    Antya 19.1
  matr-bhakta-ganera—of the devotees of mothers    Antya 19.14
  matr-bhakti—devotion to His mother    Antya 19.101
  matr-bhaktih—as respectful as one is to his mother    SB 4.16.17
  matr-bhuktaih—by foods eaten by the mother    SB 3.31.7
  matr-dosam—the fault of their mother    SB 6.18.66-67
  matr-hinan—bereft of their mother    SB 7.2.55
  matr-ha—a person who has killed his mother    SB 6.13.8-9
  matr-kula—mother's family    Adi 15.14
  matr-mrstam—being bathed by his mother    SB 7.5.19
  matr-mrstan—cleansed by their mothers    SB 10.11.19
  matr-sneha—by affection for his mother    SB 6.9.3
  matr-svasrh—the sisters of my mother    SB 4.3.10
  matr-svasreyah—the son of the motherís sister (Sisupala)    SB 7.1.33
  matr-svasuh—of his motherís sister    SB 6.18.56
  matr-svasr-atma-jau—the sons of the motherís sister    SB 7.1.46
  matr-svasrbhih—by her aunts    SB 4.4.8
  matr-svasa—of the aunt    Madhya 6.65
  matr-vatsalah—very affectionate to His mother.    SB 3.33.9
  matr-ajna—the order of His mother    Adi 14.77
  pitr-matr-sneha—paternal love    Madhya 24.33

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