Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: matih

  matiḥ—intelligence    SB 1.6.23, SB 1.6.24, SB 4.6.49, SB 4.9.32, SB 4.22.18, SB 5.18.9, SB 7.10.8, Madhya 8.70, Madhya 20.106, Madhya 24.170
  matiḥ—consciousness    SB 4.29.49, SB 6.12.19, SB 6.12.21, SB 6.14.1, SB 6.16.41
  matiḥ—opinion    Bg 6.36, SB 8.16.21, SB 8.17.16
  matiḥ—inclination    SB 7.5.28, SB 7.5.29, SB 7.5.30
  matiḥ—opinion.    Bg 18.70, SB 7.1.27
  matiḥ—mind    SB 1.7.11, Antya 3.62
  matiḥ—attention    SB 1.8.42, SB 3.5.12
  matiḥ—the mind    SB 4.4.19, SB 6.18.30
  matiḥ—attraction    SB 4.19.24-25, SB 9.9.44
  matiḥ—whose consciousness    SB 4.28.55, SB 5.26.9
  matiḥ—the interest    Madhya 22.53, Madhya 25.85
  matiḥ—determination    Bg 12.18-19
  matiḥ—enlightenment    SB 1.3.34
  matiḥ—conception    SB 1.8.29
  matiḥ—thinking, feeling and willing    SB 1.9.32
  matiḥ—mind.    SB 1.15.28
  matiḥ—concentration    SB 1.15.50
  matiḥ—faith    SB 2.1.10
  matiḥ—identification    SB 3.31.20
  matiḥ—his mind    SB 3.32.3
  matiḥ—her mind    SB 3.33.26
  matiḥ—his intelligence    SB 4.13.10
  matiḥ—consideration    SB 4.22.52
  matiḥ—attachment    SB 5.1.4
  matiḥ—whose mind (is absorbed)    SB 5.3.4-5
  matiḥ—his mentality    SB 5.4.4
  matiḥ—whose mind    SB 5.10.5
  matiḥ—His attention.    SB 6.2.9-10
  matiḥ—whose attention    SB 6.9.48
  matiḥ—the consciousness    SB 7.5.32
  matiḥ—such discrimination    SB 7.9.27
  matiḥ—minded    Madhya 23.111-112
  anāvṛta-matiḥ—whose intelligence is not bewildered    SB 5.3.14
  askhalitā matiḥ—uninterrupted attention    SB 1.5.27
  ati-śuddha-matiḥ—whose completely pure consciousness (full realization that the body and mind are separate from the soul)    SB 5.15.7
  atirajaḥ-vala-matiḥ—whose mind is overcome by lust    SB 5.14.9
  avasita-matiḥ—whose mind is determined    SB 5.14.36
  bhraṣṭa-matiḥ—nonsense    SB 3.13.45
  bāliśa-matiḥ—without sufficient knowledge    SB 8.19.18
  duḥsthitā matiḥ—oscillating mind    SB 1.5.14
  dṛḍha-matiḥ—firmly fixed intelligence    SB 6.14.6
  ekānta-matiḥ—fixed in monism or oneness of mind    SB 1.4.4
  guṇa-ākṣipta-matiḥ—whose mind was agitated by the qualities    Madhya 24.117
  jaḍa-matiḥ—most dull intelligence    SB 5.9.8
  jaḍī-kṛta-matiḥ—whose intelligence has been dulled    SB 6.3.25
  ku-matiḥ—being foolish    SB 3.31.30
  ku-matiḥ—whose mind is full of obnoxious thoughts    SB 4.28.17
  kṛta-matiḥ—desiring    SB 3.31.22
  mahā-matiḥ—most intelligent or thoughtful    SB 4.12.8
  mahā-matiḥ—Prahlāda Mahārāja, who possessed great intelligence    SB 7.5.15
  mahā-matiḥ—the most intelligent person    SB 8.6.30
  mat-matiḥ—realization of having a relationship with Me    Madhya 11.29-30
  matiḥ astu—let there be attraction    Madhya 6.48
  matiḥ mama—is my opinion.    Bg 18.78
  matiḥ te—your consciousness    SB 9.3.21
  matiḥ viṣaye—great attraction for material things    SB 9.6.52
  nikṛta-matiḥ—whose intelligence has been brought to the abominable status of defying the authority of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.14.13
  nirmala-matiḥ—naturally clean-minded    Antya 1.108
  nirmita-matiḥ—whose mind is absorbed in that    SB 5.14.7
  pṛthak-matiḥ—my mind fixed on things other than the Lord.    SB 4.9.30
  pṛthak-matiḥ—a sense of distinction (between enemy and friend).    SB 9.8.13
  pāpa-matiḥ—very, very sinful, having a polluted mind    SB 10.8.8-9
  sambhāvita-matiḥ—considering himself highly esteemed    SB 6.17.14
  spṛhā-matiḥ—consciousness with attachment.    SB 5.1.3
  stabdha-matiḥ—possessing blunt intelligence    SB 8.4.10
  stabdha-matiḥ—such an unintelligent person    SB 8.22.11
  vibudha-matiḥ—Āgnīdhra, who possessed intelligence like that of the demigods    SB 5.2.17
  vimohita-matiḥ—whose intelligence is bewildered    SB 6.3.25
  viparyaya-matiḥ—one who has developed perverse intelligence    SB 4.14.29
  ātma-matiḥ—fully absorbed in thoughts of the Supreme Lord    SB 7.7.35
  āveśita-matiḥ—whose mind was fully absorbed    SB 5.20.25

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