Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mat

  mat—My    Bg 7.23, Bg 9.25, Bg 9.34, Bg 18.56, Bg 18.58, SB 1.17.5, SB 2.9.21, SB 2.9.32, SB 3.4.12, SB 3.9.30 (and more...)
  mat—of Me    SB 3.9.41, SB 3.29.11-12, SB 3.29.16, SB 4.20.33, Adi 4.23, Adi 4.205, Adi 4.208, Madhya 19.171, Madhya 24.183, Antya 1.170
  mat—unto Me    Bg 6.13-14, Bg 9.27, Bg 12.11, Madhya 8.60
  mat—than me    SB 4.24.30, SB 6.3.12, Adi 1.62, Madhya 20.147-148
  mat—Mine    Bg 18.68, SB 1.6.22, SB 1.6.24
  mat—by me    SB 1.5.39, SB 1.8.51
  mat—Me    SB 3.9.37, Madhya 1.190
  mat—possessing.    SB 3.20.53, SB 4.23.11
  mat—to me    SB 3.23.7, Madhya 19.211
  mat—unto Me (Kṛṣṇa)    Bg 6.13-14
  mat—having    Bg 10.41
  mat—under My    Bg 18.56
  mat—to Myself    SB 3.4.31
  mat—than Myself    SB 3.25.41
  mat—from Me    SB 4.20.16
  mat—for Me    Adi 4.23
  mat—myself    Madhya 11.47
  mat-bhaktaḥ—My devotee    Bg 12.13-14, Bg 12.16, Bg 13.19, Bg 18.65, SB 3.27.28-29, SB 6.16.61-62, Madhya 19.50, Madhya 20.58, Madhya 22.57-58, Madhya 23.106-107 (and more...)
  mat-bhaktim—My devotional service    Bg 18.54, Madhya 8.65, Madhya 24.132, Madhya 25.155
  mat-bhayāt—out of fear of Me    SB 3.25.42, SB 3.25.42, SB 3.25.42
  mat-sevanam—My service    Adi 4.207, Madhya 19.173, Antya 3.189
  mat-anubhavataḥ—from realization of My sweetness    Adi 1.6, Adi 4.230
  mat-śūla—by my trident    SB 6.11.14, SB 6.11.16
  mat-cāpalam—My unsteadiness    Madhya 2.61, Madhya 23.31
  mat-kathā—of discourses about Me    Madhya 9.266, Madhya 22.61
  mat-niṣṭhā—fixed only on Me    Madhya 20.138, Madhya 25.136
  mat-paraḥ—My devotee.    SB 4.7.53, SB 5.5.21-22
  mat-sthāni—situated in Me    Bg 9.5, Bg 9.6
  mat-yājī—My worshiper    Bg 18.65, Madhya 22.57-58
  akhila-ṛddhi-mat—possessing the opulence of the entire universe.    SB 7.4.8
  bhakti-mat—according to the regulative principles of devotional service    SB 4.8.59-60
  cakṣuḥ-mat—as if possessed of eyes    SB 3.23.19
  śrī-mat—filled with all spiritual power    Madhya 14.13
  maṇi-mat—gem-studded    SB 3.15.41
  mat kaha—do not speak    Madhya 6.116
  mat-aṁśaiḥ—with My descendants    SB 3.3.14
  mat-agham—my offenses    SB 9.5.17
  mat-aṅga—My body    SB 7.10.22
  mat-aṅgam—my body    SB 10.1.5-7
  mat-antāḥ—ending with me    SB 4.29.42-44
  mat-anubhāṣitam—what was spoken by me.    SB 7.7.1
  mat-anubhāvam—My superexcellent power    SB 8.22.36
  mat-anugraha-arthaḥ—thinking that to achieve My mercy is the aim of life    SB 5.5.15
  mat-anugrahaḥ—should be considered to have received My special mercy.    SB 8.22.26
  mat-anugrahāt—by my special favor    SB 10.10.20-22
  mat-anugrahāya—just to show me favor    Bg 11.1
  mat-anyat—anything else but me    SB 9.4.68
  mat-anyaḥ—besides me    SB 7.8.12
  mat-aparaḥ—other than me    SB 7.9.29
  mat-arcanam—for worshiping Me    Adi 14.69
  mat-arhaṇam—worship of Me    SB 3.21.24
  mat-artha—for Me    Adi 4.176
  mat-artham—for My sake    Bg 12.10
  mat-arthe—on my account.    SB 3.23.6
  mat-artheṣu—for the sake of My service    Madhya 11.29-30
  mat-bhakta—of My devotees    Madhya 11.29-30
  mat-bhaktaiḥ—with My devotees    SB 9.4.64
  mat-bhaktaḥ—engaged in My devotional service    Bg 11.55
  mat-bhakti—in My devotional service    Madhya 22.146
  mat-bhaktānām—of My devotees    Madhya 11.28
  mat-bhaktāḥ—My devotees    SB 7.10.19
  mat-bhaktāḥ—My pure devotees    SB 7.10.21
  mat-bhavam—Viṣṇu’s appearance    SB 10.3.44
  mat-bhayam—fear me    SB 1.17.14
  mat-bhaṭānām—of all my associates    SB 4.5.4
  mat-bhāva—thinking of Me    SB 5.5.10-13
  mat-bhāva—because of devotional service unto Me    SB 7.10.20
  mat-bhāvam—transcendental love for Me    Bg 4.10
  mat-bhāvam—My spiritual nature    Bg 14.19
  mat-bhāvam—My spiritual position    SB 6.16.57
  mat-bhāvāḥ—born of Me    Bg 10.6
  mat-bhāvāya—My nature    Bg 13.19
  mat-bhāvāya—to My transcendental stage    SB 3.29.14
  mat-bhāvāya—for direct touch with Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and My nature    Madhya 19.174
  mat-bāṇaiḥ—by my arrows    SB 4.17.25
  mat-cittaḥ—consciousness    Bg 18.57
  mat-cittaḥ—his mind fixed on Me    SB 3.32.43
  mat-cittāḥ—minds fully engaged in Me    Bg 10.9
  mat-śraddhām—respect for Me    Adi 4.213
  mat-śāsana—from my ruling    SB 7.8.5
  mat-śāsana-atigaḥ—surpassing the jurisdiction of my administration    SB 8.20.15
  mat-darśana—by seeing Me in that form    SB 8.23.10
  mat-darśanam—the seeing of Me (or offering of prayers to Me or hearing about Me, all of which are absolute)    SB 7.4.25-26
  mat-deva-saṅgāt—by association with My devotees    SB 5.5.10-13
  mat-dharmaṇaḥ—of My devotee    SB 3.29.19
  mat-dhiṣṇyatayā—because of being My sitting place    SB 5.5.26
  mat-dhāma—My abode    SB 4.30.18
  mat-īhāḥ—endeavoring to attain Me    SB 3.25.34
  mat-gata—fixed on Me    SB 3.25.23
  mat-gata-prāṇāḥ—lives devoted to the service of Kṛṣṇa    Bg 10.9
  mat-gatena—abiding in Me    Bg 6.47
  mat-gatim—My supreme abode    SB 10.3.45
  mat-gīta—sung by me    SB 4.24.77
  mat-gītam—the song composed by me or sung by me    SB 4.24.76
  mat-guṇa-īraṇam—describing My glories    Madhya 11.29-30
  mat-janatām—My associates    SB 1.6.23
  mat-karma—My work    Bg 12.10
  mat-karma-kṛt—engaged in doing My work    Bg 11.55
  mat-karmabhiḥ—by working for Me    SB 5.5.10-13
  mat-kathayā—by hearing topics about Me    SB 5.5.10-13
  mat-kathā—words regarding My activities    SB 3.9.38
  mat-kathā—stories about Me    SB 3.27.6
  mat-kathā-ādau—in talk about Me    Madhya 22.50
  mat-kṣetrāt—from the womb meant for me to impregnate    SB 9.14.9
  mat-kṛta-ātmanām—of persons who are fully surrendered, determined to render service unto Me    SB 10.10.41
  mat-kṛte—for My sake    SB 3.25.22
  mat-loka-kāmaḥ—desiring to go to My abode    SB 5.5.15
  mat-mahimā—My transcendental glories    SB 3.4.13
  mat-manaḥ-gatam—the intention of My mind    Adi 4.213
  mat-manāḥ—always thinking of Me    Bg 9.34
  mat-manāḥ—whose mind is always on Me    Madhya 22.57-58
  mat-matiḥ—realization of having a relationship with Me    Madhya 11.29-30
  mat-mayā—fully in Me    Bg 4.10
  mat-mādhurya—My sweetness    Adi 4.142
  mat-māhātmyam—My greatness    Adi 4.213
  mat-māyā-mohita-itare—different from those who were mystified by my illusory potency    SB 10.13.42
  mat-māyām—My māyā    SB 3.31.41
  mat-niṣṭhatā—being fixed in My lotus feet    Madhya 19.212
  mat-niṣṭhatā—attachment for Me    Madhya 19.213
  mat-niṣṭhaḥ—directed towards Me    SB 3.32.32
  mat-param—subordinate to Me    Bg 13.13
  mat-paramaḥ—concerning Me, the Supreme    Bg 11.55
  mat-paramau—accepting Me as the supreme destination of life    SB 10.10.42
  mat-paramāḥ—taking the Supreme Lord as everything    Bg 12.20
  mat-paramāḥ—accepting Me as the Supreme or the ultimate goal of life    Madhya 23.113
  mat-paraḥ—in relationship with Me    Bg 2.61
  mat-paraḥ—My protection    Bg 18.57
  mat-paraḥ—just for the sake of My work.    SB 7.10.23
  mat-paraḥ—My pure devotee.    SB 8.22.27
  mat-parayā—whose object is Me    SB 6.4.43
  mat-parā—always devoted to me    SB 4.28.19
  mat-parān—My devotees.    SB 6.9.55
  mat-parāḥ—being attached to Me    Bg 12.6-7
  mat-parāḥ—My devotees    SB 3.25.38
  mat-parāḥ—devotees of Me    Madhya 22.162
  mat-parāyaṇasya—of one who is so dependent upon me    SB 5.8.9
  mat-parāyaṇaḥ—devoted to Me.    Bg 9.34
  mat-praṇītam—educated by me    SB 7.5.28
  mat-pramukhāḥ—coming from the total cosmos, the mahat-tattva    SB 3.5.51
  mat-prasādena—by My causeless mercy    SB 3.27.28-29
  mat-prasādena—by my mercy    SB 10.10.20-22
  mat-pratijñām—my own promise    SB 1.9.37
  mat-pratijñām—my promise    Madhya 16.145
  mat-prāṇa-nāthaḥ—the Lord of My life    Antya 20.47
  mat-prāṇa-rakṣaṇam—saving my life    SB 7.9.29
  mat-prāptaye—to obtain my mercy    SB 5.18.22
  mat-pāda-sevā—the service of My lotus feet    SB 3.25.34
  mat-racana—My activities of creation and so on    SB 3.25.26
  mat-ripoḥ—of my enemy    SB 8.15.27
  mat-saṁsthām—in the spiritual sky (the kingdom of God)    Bg 6.15
  mat-sadṛśam—exactly like Me    SB 10.3.40
  mat-saparyām—My service    Adi 4.213
  mat-satra-pariśeṣitam—the remnants of the sacrifice executed on my behalf    SB 9.4.11
  mat-sevayā—by rendering service unto Me    SB 3.31.39
  mat-sevayā—by being engaged fully in My transcendental loving service    SB 9.4.67
  mat-siddhi-kāmena—with a desire to achieve My association    SB 3.4.11
  mat-snehaḥ—affection for Me    Madhya 8.89
  mat-snehaḥ—love and affection for Me    Madhya 13.160
  mat-sthānam—to My abode    SB 4.9.25
  mat-sthānam—my place    SB 9.23.35-36
  mat-sthāni—unto Me    Bg 9.4
  mat-stotram—prayers for Me    SB 3.9.38
  mat-suhṛdoḥ—of my brother and sister    SB 10.12.15
  mat-tejaḥ—by My strength    SB 6.9.54
  mat-upasthāna-vidyayā—by the highly advanced knowledge and prayers offered unto Me    SB 6.9.47
  mat-vacaḥ—my words    SB 4.3.25
  mat-vadha-artham—for the purpose of killing me    SB 1.9.38
  mat-vayunam—knowledge of Me (the Personality of Godhead)    SB 3.4.31
  mat-vidha—of persons like me    Antya 1.138
  mat-vidhaḥ—a person like me    SB 6.7.35
  mat-vidhā—exactly resembling my behavior    SB 9.19.2
  mat-vimukhān—averse to Me and addicted to fruitive activities and speculative knowledge    Madhya 6.181
  mat-viṣayā bhaktiḥ—devotional service in relation to Me    Madhya 24.61
  mat-vārtā—in topics about Me    SB 4.30.19
  mat-āśrayam—concerning Myself    SB 3.4.30
  mat-āśrayam—under My protection    SB 3.27.28-29
  mat-āśrayaḥ—in consciousness of Me (Kṛṣṇa consciousness)    Bg 7.1
  mat-āśrayaḥ—completely under My protection.    SB 8.22.31
  mat-āśrayāt—from connection with me    SB 4.3.20
  mat-āśrayāḥ—about Me    SB 3.25.23
  mat-ādeśa—according to my instruction    SB 4.12.42
  mat-āpanaḥ—the means of getting My favor.    Madhya 8.89
  mat-āpanaḥ—the cause for getting Me back.    Madhya 13.160
  mat-ātmakam—consisting of Myself    SB 6.9.53
  mat-ātmanaḥ—whose mind is always engaged in Me    Madhya 22.146
  mat-ātmanoḥ—simply engaged in consciousness of Me.    SB 10.3.36
  māt jāne—He does not know    Antya 9.126
  smṛti-mat janma—a birth enabling one to remember the lotus feet of the Lord    SB 5.19.28
  vibhūti-mat—the abode of the goddess of fortune    SB 3.19.15
  vipruṭ-mat—carrying particles of water    SB 4.25.18
  ṛddhi-mat—still more beautified on account of this.    SB 4.24.47-48
  ṛddhi-mat—extremely opulent in all respects    SB 9.6.43

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