Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: masi

  masi—in the month    SB 4.8.76
  masi—in the month of Asvina (October    SB 7.14.19
  masi—in that month    SB 9.4.30

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: masi

  masi masi—in every month    SB 5.21.4, SB 5.21.4, SB 5.21.18, SB 5.21.18
  masi masi—every month    SB 6.9.9, SB 6.9.9
  masi-bindu—a spot of ink.    Madhya 2.48
  masi-bindu—a spot of ink    Madhya 12.51
  vara-masi—throughout the whole year.    Adi 10.25