Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mase

  mase—in the month    Adi 13.80
  mase—the month.    Madhya 15.196
  mase—in one month    Madhya 20.321
  mase—every month    Antya 6.269

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mase

  bara-mase—all year around    Madhya 15.128-129
  cari mase—four months.    Madhya 9.86
  cari-mase—for four months    Antya 16.77
  ei mase—in this month    Adi 13.88
  eka-mase—in one month    Antya 3.124
  jyaistha-mase—in the month of Jyaistha (May-June)    Madhya 1.260
  jyaistha-mase—in the month of May-June    Antya 4.115
  jyaistha-mase—during the month of May-June    Antya 4.116
  pausa-mase—in the month of December    Antya 2.42
  pausa-mase—the month of Pausa (December-January)    Antya 2.46
  vaisakha-mase—during the month of April-May    Antya 4.115