Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: masa

  māsa—months    Adi 17.86, Madhya 1.244, Madhya 1.250, Antya 13.64
  māsa—month    Adi 13.87, Adi 13.89
  māṣa—urd dhal    Madhya 15.214
  māsa—months.    Madhya 1.108
  cāri māsa—for four months    Madhya 9.107, Madhya 16.47, Madhya 16.285, Antya 6.248
  cāri-māsa—four months    Madhya 1.47, Madhya 1.255-256, Madhya 15.16
  aṣṭa-māsa—eight months    Adi 10.156, Antya 13.105
  aṣṭa-māsa—for eight months    Antya 13.112, Antya 13.119
  dui māsa—for two months    Adi 10.152-154, Adi 10.152-154
  māsa-dui—for two months    Antya 2.39, Antya 6.272
  aṣṭa-māsa rahi—after staying for eight months    Antya 13.119
  bāra-māsa—for twelve months    Adi 17.88
  bāra-māsa—twelve months    Antya 18.102
  catur-māsa—four months    Madhya 9.167
  cāri māsa—four months    Antya 1.214
  cāri-māsa—for four months    Antya 10.152
  cāri-māsa rahi—remaining for four months    Antya 10.157
  daśa-māsa—ten months    Antya 4.26
  du-māsa—two months    Adi 7.47
  dui māsa paryanta—for two months    Madhya 25.3
  ei cāri māsa—these four months    Madhya 16.282
  eka-māsa—one month    Madhya 18.47
  eka-māsa—for one month    Madhya 18.48
  eka-māsa rahi—staying for one month    Madhya 18.54
  māgha-māsa—the month of Māgha (January-February)    Madhya 1.16
  māgha-māsa—the month of Māgha (January and February)    Madhya 3.3
  māgha-māsa lāgila—the month of Māgha has begun    Madhya 18.145
  māṣa-baḍā—soft cake made with urad dāl    Madhya 3.50
  māṣa-baḍā—fried cakes made of urd dhal    Madhya 15.215
  māsa bhari—for one month    Madhya 15.188
  māsa gela—the month passed    Antya 2.47
  māsa-bhuktim—the passage of one month    SB 5.22.8
  māsa-kṛtya—duties every month    Madhya 24.340
  māsa-mātra—only one month    Madhya 25.208
  māsa-ṛkṣāṇi—the nakṣatras that are the sources of the names of the various months    SB 7.14.20-23
  varṣāra cāri māsa—the four months of the rainy season    Madhya 16.282
  varṣāra cāri-māsa—the four months of the rainy season    Antya 4.107
  vāra-māsa—the whole year    Adi 10.27

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