Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: masa

  masa—months    Adi 17.86, Madhya 1.244, Madhya 1.250, Antya 13.64
  masa—month    Adi 13.87, Adi 13.89
  masa—urd dhal    Madhya 15.214
  masa—months.    Madhya 1.108

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: masa

  cari masa—for four months    Madhya 9.107, Madhya 16.47, Madhya 16.285, Antya 6.248
  cari-masa—four months    Madhya 1.47, Madhya 1.255-256, Madhya 15.16
  asta-masa—eight months    Adi 10.156, Antya 13.105
  asta-masa—for eight months    Antya 13.112, Antya 13.119
  dui masa—for two months    Adi 10.152-154, Adi 10.152-154
  masa-dui—for two months    Antya 2.39, Antya 6.272
  asta-masa rahi—after staying for eight months    Antya 13.119
  bara-masa—for twelve months    Adi 17.88
  bara-masa—twelve months    Antya 18.102
  catur-masa—four months    Madhya 9.167
  cari masa—four months    Antya 1.214
  cari-masa—for four months    Antya 10.152
  cari-masa rahi—remaining for four months    Antya 10.157
  dasa-masa—ten months    Antya 4.26
  du-masa—two months    Adi 7.47
  dui masa paryanta—for two months    Madhya 25.3
  ei cari masa—these four months    Madhya 16.282
  eka-masa—one month    Madhya 18.47
  eka-masa—for one month    Madhya 18.48
  eka-masa rahi—staying for one month    Madhya 18.54
  magha-masa—the month of Magha (January-February)    Madhya 1.16
  magha-masa—the month of Magha (January and February)    Madhya 3.3
  magha-masa lagila—the month of Magha has begun    Madhya 18.145
  masa-bada—soft cake made with urad dal    Madhya 3.50
  masa-bada—fried cakes made of urd dhal    Madhya 15.215
  masa bhari—for one month    Madhya 15.188
  masa gela—the month passed    Antya 2.47
  masa-bhuktim—the passage of one month    SB 5.22.8
  masa-krtya—duties every month    Madhya 24.340
  masa-matra—only one month    Madhya 25.208
  masa-rksani—the naksatras that are the sources of the names of the various months    SB 7.14.20-23
  varsara cari masa—the four months of the rainy season    Madhya 16.282
  varsara cari-masa—the four months of the rainy season    Antya 4.107
  vara-masa—the whole year    Adi 10.27