Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: marut

  marut—the air    SB 4.24.63, SB 6.1.42
  marut—the life air    Madhya 8.224, Madhya 9.123
  marut—air    SB 3.26.12
  marut—the breathing    SB 3.32.10
  marut—breathing process    SB 4.12.17
  marut-gaṇān—the demigods.    SB 2.3.8
  marut-gaṇāḥ—masters of the wind    SB 6.3.14-15
  marut-gaṇāḥ—and the Maruts    SB 8.13.4
  marut-pateḥ mūrtiḥ—the personification of Indra    SB 6.7.29-30
  marut-patim—Indra, the heavenly King    SB 6.10.17-18
  marut-patiḥ—Indra (lord of the Maruts).    SB 3.19.25
  marut-stomena—by performing a marut-stoma sacrifice    SB 9.20.35
  marut-suta—by Hanumān    SB 9.10.19
  marut-sutaḥ—Hanumān, the son of the wind-god    SB 9.10.42-43
  marut-vantam—King Indra    SB 4.19.28

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