Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: martyanam

  martyanam—of the human beings    SB 3.11.10, SB 4.23.27
  martyanam—of those who are sure to meet death    SB 1.16.7
  martyanam—of those who die    SB 1.18.11
  martyanam—those who are meant for death    SB 1.18.13
  martyanam—of those who are destined for death    SB 3.14.5
  martyanam—of the conditioned soul    SB 4.24.57
  martyanam—of humanity in general    SB 4.25.40
  martyanam—of persons who are destined to die    SB 4.30.34
  martyanam—of persons destined to die    Madhya 22.55

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing martyanam.