Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: martyah

  martyah—a mortal man    SB 3.28.39, SB 3.29.21, SB 4.13.46
  martyah—the living entity subjected to birth and death    Madhya 22.103, Antya 4.194
  martyah—mortal    SB 2.3.23
  martyah—such a human being    SB 4.24.78
  martyah—a living entity with a material body    SB 6.2.47-48
  martyah—a living entity destined to die    SB 6.10.10
  martyah—a person    SB 7.1.27
  martyah—subjected to death    SB 7.15.37
  martyah—a human being who is subject to death    SB 8.23.29
  martyah—a person subject to death    SB 8.23.29
  martyah—the living entities who are sure to die    SB 10.3.27
  martyah—any person within this material world    SB 10.6.44
  martyah—inhabitants of the earthly planets    SB 4.20.35-36
  martyah—human beings    SB 10.4.17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: martyah

  saha-deva-martyah—with the demigods and the mortal human beings    SB 7.9.49