Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: marma

  marma—the core of the heart    SB 3.4.1, Antya 15.72
  marma—the essence.    Adi 2.44, Adi 4.167-169
  marma—purpose.    Adi 7.48, Madhya 8.37
  marma—purport.    Adi 7.74, Madhya 8.250
  marma—the core.    Adi 3.38
  marma—secret core    Adi 4.161
  marma—secrets.    Adi 4.226
  marma—heart and soul    Adi 10.124-126
  marma—the purport.    Madhya 1.89
  marma—the truth.    Antya 4.57
  ati-marma—the very core.    Adi 4.112
  bhinna-marmā—aggrieved at heart    SB 4.11.28
  bhṛtya marma—very intimate servant    Adi 11.23
  śāstrera marma—the essence of scriptures    Adi 17.167
  dharma-marma—religion and morality.    Adi 14.87
  dharma-marma—real religious principles    Antya 7.106
  ei kahe marma—this is the purport.    Madhya 9.362
  kṛṣṇa-marma—Kṛṣṇa's heart    Antya 20.55
  līlā-marma—the purport of the pastimes.    Madhya 9.126
  marma-bhidaḥ—heart piercing    SB 4.3.15
  marma-duḥkha—unhappiness within the heart    Antya 8.82
  marma-hatām—brokenhearted    Antya 20.47
  marma-tāḍanāḥ—which afflict the heart.    SB 8.11.9
  marma-tāḍitaḥ—one whose feelings are hurt.    SB 4.3.19
  prema-marma—the purport of loving affairs    Antya 19.46
  pāka-marma—how to cook.    Madhya 15.203
  sarva-marma—everything in detail.    Madhya 8.289
  sūkṣma marma—finer principles    Antya 10.100
  sūkṣma-dharma-marma—subtle intricacies of the religious system.    Madhya 11.112

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