Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: marici

  marici—the great sage Marici    SB 3.13.20, SB 3.24.9
  marici—the great saint Marici    SB 9.4.57-59

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: marici

  marici-misraih—by the priests, headed by Marici    SB 6.13.21
  marici-misrah—rsis like Marici    SB 1.6.30
  marici-misrah—headed by Marici    SB 4.1.8
  marici-misrah—with sages like Marici    SB 8.21.1
  marici-mukhyah—headed by Marici    SB 3.12.29
  marici-mukhyah—headed by Marici Rsi    SB 8.12.10
  marici-toya—water in a mirage    SB 5.14.10
  marici-toyani—the waters of a mirage in the desert    SB 5.13.5
  marici-adayah—great sages headed by Marici    SB 3.20.10
  marici-adayah—Marici and the great sages    SB 4.7.43