Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: marge

  märge—on the paths    Adi 2.26, Adi 17.156, Madhya 6.75, Madhya 8.221
  märge—on the roads    SB 8.15.18
  märge—on the street    SB 8.15.19
  märge—on the way    SB 9.10.6-7
  märge—on both the paths    Madhya 24.288

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: marge

  räga-märge—on the path of spontaneous love    Adi 4.33, Adi 4.265, Madhya 8.223, Antya 7.24
  jïäna-märge—by the path of philosophical speculation    Adi 2.13, Madhya 24.107
  räga-märge—on the path of spontaneous loving service    Madhya 22.161, Madhya 24.292
  dui märge—on the two paths, namely regulative devotional service and spontaneous devotional service    Madhya 24.292
  ei räga-märge—in this spontaneous love    Madhya 11.112
  jïäna-märge—the process of philosophical speculation    Madhya 24.83
  pravåtti-märge—on the path of attachment    Adi 17.157
  räga-märge—by the path of spontaneous ecstatic love    Madhya 21.119
  rägänuga-märge—on the path of spontaneous love of Kåñëa    Antya 5.51
  räja-märge—on the pathway    Madhya 5.145
  vidhi-märge—on the path of regulative principles    Madhya 8.226
  vidhi-märge—on the path of regulative devotional service    Madhya 24.291
  vidhi-räga-märge—in the process of devotional service under regulative principles or in spontaneous love    Madhya 24.352
  yoga-märge—by practicing mystic yoga    Madhya 24.83