Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: margah

  margah—path    SB 2.7.26, SB 3.4.20, SB 4.11.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: margah

  ati-atma-pa-durga-margah—escaping their caretakers because of increased affection for the calves, although the way was very rough and hard    SB 10.13.30
  bhiksoh margah—the path of a beggar or mendicant sannyasi    SB 6.5.36
  margah ayam—a broad way    SB 10.12.22
  nivrtti-laksana-margah—the path symptomized by renunciation, or the path of liberation    SB 5.26.38
  nivrtti-margah—the path of liberation    SB 6.1.1
  siddha-margah—the way to the spiritual world    SB 3.21.34
  vyavahara-margah—phenomenon.    SB 5.10.21