Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mantra

  mantra—hymns    SB 3.13.39, SB 4.8.58, SB 5.3.2, Adi 7.74, Adi 12.24
  mantra—hymn    Adi 7.72, Adi 7.81
  mantra—the hymn    Adi 7.81, Adi 12.23
  mantra—initiation    Madhya 4.111, Madhya 16.78
  mantra—advice    SB 3.1.10
  mantra—Vedic hymns    SB 4.6.9
  mantra—of Vedic hymns    SB 4.29.45
  mantra—by reciting mantras    SB 5.19.26
  mantra—the mantra    Madhya 20.202
  mantra—mantra    Antya 4.37
  mantra—chanting of the holy name    Antya 13.99
  mantra—this hymn    Antya 16.71
  dvija-mantra-vācakaiḥ—with chanting of Vedic hymns by qualified brāhmaṇas    SB 10.7.4
  ei mantra paḍe—chants this mantra    Madhya 15.11
  gaura-gopāla mantra—the Gaura-gopāla mantra    Antya 2.31
  iṣṭa-mantra—worshipable mantra    Antya 2.24-25
  kṛṣṇa-mantra—the hymn of Kṛṣṇa (Hare Kṛṣṇa)    Adi 7.72
  kṛṣṇa-mantra—the chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra    Adi 7.73
  kāma-gāyatrī-mantra-rūpa—the hymn known as kāma-gāyatrī    Madhya 21.125
  mahā-mantra—topmost hymn    Adi 17.212
  mantra paḍi—chanting hymns    Antya 18.61
  mantra pāñā—getting the hymn    Antya 16.71
  mantra-adhikārī—qualification for receiving mantra initiation    Madhya 24.331
  mantra-auṣadha-ādibhiḥ—by mystic chanting or the influence of drugs and herbs    SB 8.21.22
  mantra-auṣadhi—hymns and herbs    Adi 17.201-202
  mantra-dīkṣā—initiation in the mantra.    Antya 1.162
  mantra-dṛśam—a seer of mantras    SB 9.16.35
  mantra-dṛśaḥ—who know the science of mantra    SB 9.4.10
  mantra-dṛk—who could foresee the Vedic mantras    SB 8.23.29
  mantra-guru—the initiating spiritual master    Adi 1.35
  mantra-hīnam—with no chanting of the Vedic hymns    Bg 17.13
  mantra-jalam—water sanctified by mantras    SB 9.6.27
  mantra-jñaḥ—well aware of all Vedic mantras    SB 9.4.12
  mantra-kṛt—minister    SB 3.1.2
  mantra-kṛtām—of those who chant the mantra mentioned above    SB 5.23.9
  mantra-mūrtaye—who is nondifferent from the mantra.    SB 4.8.58
  mantra-mūrtim—form representation of transcendental sound    SB 1.5.38
  mantra-mūrtiḥ—the form of the mantra    SB 6.8.8-10
  mantra-mālā—Mantramālā    SB 5.20.15
  mantra-siddhi-ādi—the perfection of the mantra and so on    Madhya 24.331
  mantra-tattva-liṅgāya—who is understood in truth by different mantras    SB 5.18.35
  mantra-upaniṣadam—Upaniṣad in the form of a mantra by which one can achieve the highest goal of life    SB 6.15.27
  mantra-upaniṣadam—the Vedic mantra (uttered by Svāyambhuva Manu)    SB 8.1.17
  mantra-varṇābhiḥ—in the form of a mantra    SB 5.24.30
  mantra-vidaḥ—the great chanter of the Vedic hymns    SB 2.4.17
  mantra-vidaḥ—completely expert in chanting the Vedic hymns    SB 10.7.17
  mantra-vidaḥ—experts in reciting the Vedic hymns    Madhya 22.20
  mantra-vit—knowing how to chant the Vedic hymns    SB 6.1.56-57
  mantra-ādi śikhite—to be initiated    Antya 7.150
  nṛsiṁhera mantra—prayers to Nṛsiṁhadeva    Madhya 12.146
  sarva-mantra-vicāraṇa—consideration of the different types of mantras.    Madhya 24.330
  siddha-mantra-japa—chanting of a perfect mantra    Antya 16.143
  siddha-mantrā—perfected in chanting mantras    Antya 17.35
  triṁśat-aṣṭa-uttara-mantra-vargaḥ—in the category of thirty-eight important Vedic mantras    SB 8.7.29

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