Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: manisaya

  manisaya—best to your knowledge    SB 1.1.11
  manisaya—power of intelligence.    SB 1.17.20
  manisaya—with scholarly attention    SB 2.2.34
  manisaya—by intelligence    SB 5.1.12
  manisaya—by purified intelligence    SB 6.4.27-28
  manisaya—by possessing the power to consider    SB 6.5.10
  manisaya—by his intelligence    SB 6.16.33

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: manisaya

  nija-manisaya—by his own fertile brain    SB 5.6.9
  sva-manisaya—by their own mental speculation    SB 5.15.1
  arya-manisaya—by the intelligence of advanced devotees    SB 5.13.26