Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: maninah

  maninah—thus being thought of.    SB 2.9.30
  maninah—thinking.    SB 3.10.26
  maninah—offering respect    SB 3.29.23
  maninah—thinking of ourselves.    SB 6.9.25
  maninah—who consider ourselves to be.    SB 6.17.32
  maninah—falsely prestigious    SB 8.15.22

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: maninah

  vimukta-maninah—who consider themselves liberated    Madhya 22.30, Madhya 24.131, Madhya 24.141, Madhya 25.32
  artha-maninah—considering as valuable    SB 7.5.31
  dharma-maninah—accepting as religious    SB 4.14.23
  isa-maninah—considering himself the Supreme Lord, independent of everything.    SB 9.4.44
  pandita-maninah—who considers himself so learned (as to disobey the order of his spiritual master).    SB 9.13.4
  tanu-maninah—of a person in the bodily concept of life    SB 10.2.22
  vimukta-maninah—falsely considering themselves free from the bondage of material contamination    SB 10.2.32