Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mangala

  mangala—auspicious    SB-4.21.42, Adi 1.104, Adi 2.4, Adi 6.12
  mangala—O most auspicious    SB 4.6.45
  mangala—of auspiciousness    SB 5.6.16
  mangala—is auspicious    SB 8.17.8
  mangala—whose auspiciousness    SB 9.10.20
  mangala—good fortune    Madhya 1.177
  mangala—auspiciousness    Antya 4.29

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: mangala

  mangala-acarana—auspicious invocation    Adi 1.20, Adi 1.22, Adi 1.29, Adi 1.33
  caitanya-mangala—the book named Caitanya-mangala    Adi 8.35, Adi 8.38
  caitanya-mangala—the book of the name Caitanya-mangala    Adi 8.44, Adi 11.54
  mangala-dhvani—an auspicious sound    Madhya 25.65, Antya 14.102
  mangala-acarane—in the auspicious introduction    Adi 3.80, Madhya 19.133
  bhuvana-mangala—O You who are all-auspicious for all the universes    SB 3.9.4
  bhuvana-mangala—O most auspicious of the entire world    Madhya 25.38
  bhuvana-mangala—they are all-auspicious for all the universes    Antya 5.124-125
  caitanya-mangala—the book of this name    Adi 8.33
  caitanya-mangala—the book prasade    Adi 8.63
  sravana-mangala—all good simply by hearing the name    SB 2.7.15
  sri-nama-mangala—the auspicious Hare Krsna maha-mantra    Adi 10.75
  ha-ila mangala—all auspiciousness unto you.    Madhya 1.186
  hata-mangala—because of my being the most unfortunate    SB 6.14.58
  jagat-mangala—all-auspicious to the world    Adi 6.12
  jagat-mangala—all-auspicious to the whole world    Madhya 17.113
  maha-mangala uthila—all good fortune awakened    Madhya 11.217
  mangala haya—there is auspiciousness    Madhya 18.142
  mangala vaisnava—of the name Mangala Vaisnava.    Adi 12.87
  mangala-bhuyistha-pura-grama-vraja-akarah—whose many cities, towns, pasturing grounds and mines became auspicious and very neat and clean    SB 10.3.1-5
  mangala-candi—of the religious performance for worship of Mangalacandi    Adi 17.205
  mangala-caritra—all characteristics are auspicious    Adi 6.12
  mangala-dravya—auspicious things    Adi 13.114
  mangala-guna-dhama—the reservoir of all auspicious attributes    Adi 6.12
  mangala-mangalam—personification of the topmost religious principle    SB 6.17.13
  mangala-prasthah—Mangala-prastha    SB 5.19.16
  mangala-pujitah—well worshiped and satisfied    SB 5.4.7
  mangala-svanan—transcendental sounds auspicious for everyone    SB 10.12.35
  mangala-acarana—invocation of benediction    Adi 1.83
  mangala-acarana—invocation of auspiciousness.    Adi 17.313
  mangala-acaranam—invoking auspiciousness    Adi 4.276
  mangala-acarane—in the auspicious invocation    Madhya 20.358
  mangala-acaritaih—by auspicious activities    Adi 6.61
  mangala-arati—the early arati    Madhya 4.209
  mangala-arati—the mangala-arati performance    Madhya 5.139
  mangala-ayanah—O personified good fortune    SB 4.22.7
  parama mangala—everything is auspicious    Antya 4.24
  parama-mangala—supreme bliss    SB 5.3.11
  parama-mangala—the most auspicious    SB 6.9.33
  parama-mangala—whatever You do is good    SB 10.10.36
  parama-mangala—all-auspicious.    Adi 5.228
  sakala mangala—all auspiciousness    Antya 4.44
  sarva-mangala—with all auspicious items    SB 6.18.52