Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: manena

  manena—with false prestige    SB 3.31.29
  manena—with a measure    SB 5.1.32
  manena—accepts    Antya 6.276

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: manena

  bahu-manena—with great respect    SB 3.29.17
  bahu-manena—by great respect and honor    SB 8.9.23
  na manena—does not accept    Madhya 17.103
  satya-manena—true understanding    SB 6.8.32-33
  sva-manena—as the same measurement    SB 5.20.18
  turiya-manena—by measurement only one fourth    SB 5.16.29
  atma-manena—by his (Brahmaís) own measurement    SB 10.13.40