Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: manasi

  manasi—in the mind    SB 3.28.26, SB 4.29.67, SB 4.29.68, SB 4.30.23, SB 5.2.6, SB 5.6.3, SB 5.23.7, SB 7.13.43, SB 7.15.53, SB 8.3.17 (and more...)
  manasi—into the mind    SB 1.15.41, SB 4.8.22
  manasi—the mind    SB 3.4.11, SB 7.2.24
  manasī—and one’s mind    NoI 8
  manasi—upon the mind    SB 1.7.4
  manasi—in a mind    SB 4.29.69
  manasi—in the heart    SB 5.5.31
  manasi—within the mind    SB 7.10.9
  manasi—in his mind    SB 9.14.43
  manasi-jam—which is simply a mental concoction (actually there is no happiness)    SB 7.9.45
  sva-manasi—in his mind    SB 6.9.39

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