Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: manasam

  manasam—the mind    SB 3.27.26, SB 9.19.19
  manasam—of one whose mind is so fixed    Bg 6.27
  manasam—whose mind    SB 4.29.54
  manasam—whose minds    SB 5.9.17
  manasam—of those whose minds    SB 5.14.44
  manasam—the minds of whom    Madhya 9.269
  manasam—of the mind    Bg 17.16
  manasam—relating to the mind    SB 3.7.7
  manasam—with this mentality    SB 4.25.3
  manasam—the dirty things in the mind    SB 5.18.11
  manasam—the lake known as Manasa-sarovara.    SB 6.13.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: manasam

  avak-manasam—beyond the description of mind and words    SB 5.1.21
  su-manasam—of the most liberal-minded    Madhya 15.110
  udvejita-manasam—whose minds are agitated    SB 5.18.15