Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mahisi

  mahiṣī—the queens    SB 1.12.5, SB 3.12.54, SB 4.25.56, SB 9.8.3, Adi 6.72
  mahiṣī—queen    SB 4.13.15-16
  mahiṣī—of the Queen    SB 4.27.4
  mahiṣī—with the queens of Dvārakā    Adi 1.69-70
  mahiṣī—queens    Madhya 15.240
  mahiṣī-gaṇa—the queens    Adi 1.79-80, Adi 4.74-75, Adi 4.78
  mahiṣī-gaṇa—the queens in Dvārakā    Madhya 19.191
  mahiṣī-gaṇe—among the queens.    Madhya 23.64
  mahiṣī-gaṇera—of the queens of Dvārakā    Madhya 23.57
  mahiṣī-haraṇa—kidnapping of the queens    Madhya 23.117-118
  mahiṣī-sakala—all the queens and ladies of the palace    Madhya 16.119
  mahiṣī-vivāhe—in the matter of marrying 16,108 wives at Dvārakā    Madhya 20.168
  rāja-mahiṣī-vṛnda—the queens of the King    Madhya 13.198
  tāṅhāra mahiṣī—his Queen    Madhya 5.125

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